CMV - Frequently asked silicone questions (FAQ)

Where does silicone come from?

  • Silicone is an organic polymer that essentially comes from a mineral called silicon, which after a chemical process becomes silicone.

  • What does it mean that silicone is biocompatible?

  • It means that it is capable of interacting with biological systems.

  • What does pyrogenic mean?

  • It means that unlike other materials it cannot cause fever due to its contact with people.

  • What are halogens?

  • Pyrogenic is any agent that can produce fever, materials that in the event of a concussion, will produce toxic gases that are harmful to health, a hapyrogenic material is free of these and does not have that risk.

  • Can silicone be sterilized?

  • Yes , Sterilization is a technique by which we destroy any pathogenic and saprophytic life forms, including their forms of resistance. An object can be disinfected but not sterilized, while all sterilized material is disinfected , which makes silicone perfect for medical use among others.

  • When is silicone considered food grade?

  • When the silicone goes through a post-cure process to release peroxides, the silicone reaches food grade so as the word indicates, it can be in contact with any food.

  • What temperature does silicone withstand?

  • Silicone is resistant to extreme temperatures from -60ºC to 250ºC, although there are formulations with temporary thermal resistances of up to 275-350ºC.

  • Do you offer a variety of colors?

  • Yes , in the process of making silicone you can add any color.

  • Why have a silicone coated cable?

  • Copper cables are covered with silicone due to its resistance to the extreme temperatures to which these cables are usually exposed.

  • What is fiberglass silicone cable?

  • When a cable is in contact with surfaces or materials that are sharp or can tear the cable, the fiberglass coating gives it much greater mechanical resistance , so the cable is not in danger.

  • Does the catalog found on the web contain all the products you offer?

  • No, if you ask us for a quote with your specific requirements we can help you, the catalog is merely indicative , having the ability to deliver a wide variety of products.

  • Why is silicone the future?

  • It is a relatively recent material, whose application in various markets (medical, aeronautical food, rail, industrial, etc.) is gradually increasing, due to its great versatility and functionality.